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Jamal Crawford: Injured and/or Miscast?

Jamal Crawford: Facilitator and point guard

Jamal Crawford: Facilitated shooting guard

I know which one I think works best.

It's become painful to watch it in recent games: Mike Bibby leaves the floor and Larry Drew turns to Crawford to run the team. What happens next is as uncomfortable as watching a dog walk on its hind legs.

Crawford takes way too long to get the team going in an offensive set, sometimes defaulting to breaking down his man off the dribble to create some offense for himself. Last night in Detroit, there were times when the shot clock got to 10 and the ball was still in Crawford's hands without a single pass. 

Crawford is misused in this capacity, he needs the freedom to spot up, come off picks, and score the basketball. Getting guys in the right position and cranking up an offense is not his forte. Getting guys to foul him while knocking down a three is. 

It's not like the Hawks didn't invest a first round pick, passing on more proven commodities to take Jeff Teague. Teague has his issues, but not nearly in the volume of the "Proven Veterans" that have gobbled up the minutes while the young guard gets his meals in the doghouse. 

Instead of the young man learning how to get better on the floor, and the Hawks having a semblance of a point guard on the floor in Bibby's absence, the Hawks are now submarining Crawford's effectiveness by pretending that he is better at running the team on the floor than Teague. Not good for either man, and it shows.

After the Pistons game, Crawford told the Real MC that his back was sore and he may not play Thursday night against Boston. What could be a real good elixir for Jamal would be a return to doing what he does best, and escape from that which he does not.

Exit Question: When Joe Johnson comes back,  what are the odds that this occurs? Color me DVR-ready! (emphasis enthusiastically mine)

Moving further down the bench, following a dynamite performance against the Pacers on Saturday night, Jeff Teague received just two minutes and nine seconds of meaningful playing time at the end of the first half. At this rate, the Hawks ought to put Teague in a suit next to Jordan Crawford and Pape Sy once Joe Johnson's right elbow heals. They can call themselves "The Draft Picks" and fight crime stylishly while their elders get to play.