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Johnson to miss several weeks of action

From the team itself:


After experiencing some discomfort in his right elbow on Tuesday, having an MRI later that afternoon, and visiting with Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham this morning, Atlanta Hawks guard Joe Johnson is expected to miss four-to-six weeks of action following a surgical procedure to his right elbow.


The four-time All-Star has, what is called ‘loose body’ in his elbow, and team medical officials have determined that he will need to have a arthroscopic procedure in the next few days to remove the loose body.  Dr. Andrews will handle the operation.


Johnson, the Hawks’ leading scorer at 17.1 points per game, is shooting 40.9 percent from the field and .806 from the free throw line after 18 games this season.



We'll have more reaction to the injury and the impact on the team after the game and throughout tomorrow.