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Shocker: NBA Trade Rumor found to be nothing more than a....rumor.

it started to innocently, from our main man Sekou Smith's blogging fingers:

I explained to my scout friend that I'd heard a great trade rumor (and it was strictly that, a rumor) about the Hawks and Pistons discussing a package to swap Prince (and another piece like Will Bynum, who cannot be moved until after Dec. 15)  for Jamal Crawford and Jeff Teague (which would be an interesting swap for the Hawks since they don't really have great depth in the backcourt) and he kindly opened up about the state of affairs, as he sees it, in the East.    

He calls it what it was...a rumor. No problem.

Then, Jeff Schultz repeats it in order to say no thank you:

It may get to the point where it's clear the Hawks need to make a trade, but they're not there yet.

I bring this up now because of a rumor passed along Monday by pal Sekou Smith of that the Detroit Pistons were looking to trade Tayshaun Prince (possibly packaging him with Will Bynum) to the Hawks forJamal Crawford and Jeff Teague.

First, about the deal. The Pistons are denying it. Just as well because it stinks for the Hawks.

Now, finally, as all good rumors do, they come to a soft landing on the pillow of "what the heck was anybody talking about?" ....usually hosted by the city in which the rumor is about. 

In this case, refuted wholeheartedly by

The Detroit Pistons do not appear close to swapping either of the first two players for any of the next three for one simple reason: No trade talks have taken place between the Detroit Pistons and Atlanta Hawks, according to a Pistons source.

:Ahhh. Another trade rumor circle complete. Nothing better. 

And now we can all sleep a little easier....until the next one.