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Power Rankings Roundup

Overall, pretty kind to a team that has yet to play a winner, though that changes tonight in Orlando. The loss to PHX is considered in here and, really, doesn't reflect a lot of negativity though you would have to believe that, should the Hawks have pulled that out, they might have inched up slightly.

Let's start with John Schuhmann of

7 Atlanta (6-1)
Pace: 94.8 (22), Off: 112.1 (2), Def: 104.4 (17)
After looking solid against some weaker competition, the Hawks' defense got scorched by the Suns on Sunday. They're still undefeated with their starting lineup intact, but Marvin Williams (knee) is not expected back until later this week at the earliest. The Magic (Monday) are the first winning team they've faced.

The first thing that jumps out here are the other rankings: pace, and efficiencies. Through all the histrionics about Woody and the changes that had to be made.....still pretty much the same. Slightly faster pace, great offensively, middle of the pack defensively. Worth watching as last year the Hawks started similarly, but faded in each category without much erosion due to injury (since there really weren't any).

Let's move on to Marc Stein of

9 (6) Hawks 6-1 Tell us, America: Disappointed in the Hawks for losing at home to Phoenix in the first game they've played against a team projected as playoff-worthy? Or does a 4-0 road record mean more than who they've played?


We assume by "America" he means "Hawks Fans" since nobody outside of the ATL really seems to care about the Hawks (witness the blah reception this team got in the preseason predictions across the board). How would you, as Hawks fans, answer Marc's questions?

We'll update this as more relevant Power Rankings appear throughout the day....