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Announcing D-League Utah Flash Coverage for the Upcoming Season

For the upcoming season I have launched a new blog with the intent of covering the Utah Flash. Some of you might have noticed the recent fanshot with a link to the training camp roster for the Flash. This blog will be operated independently of Peachtree Hoops and will not have any effect on what you see here at Peachtree Hoops in any way. However, by creating this new blog I will be able to provide (hopefully awesome) coverage of the Utah Flash this season without putting up a bunch of posts here that many of you may or may not want to read.

The plan for Peachtree Hoops is to do a weekly D-League recap post here which will provide links to various articles and game recaps involving the Hawks affiliate the Utah Flash. If you want more in depth coverage then please check out Utah Flash Daily on a regular basis as I hope to game previews and game recaps in addition too many other inside looks at the team and the D-League itself.

The Flash is currently preparing for training camp which will open on November 9th. They will open their 2010-11 season on November 20th in Reno. In addition to listing the training camp roster I now have a profile up of new Flash head coach Kevin Young. In the coming days, I will be profiling many of the players that are in training camp to give an outlook of the upcoming season.

If you are a fan of the D-League or are interested in learning more then I would appreciate you checking Utah Flash Daily out.