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Atlanta Hawks Poll Time: December Road Record Predictions

Alternate Headline: Litmus Test for the 2010-2011 Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks have a well reported 7-2 record on the road this year, best start for the team since 1968. Most have explained the start being due to the level of competition played so far on the road.


Memphis W, (7-10/5-4)

Philadelphia W, (4-13/3-4)

Cleveland W, (7-9, 4-4)

Minnesota W, (4-13/3-5)

Orlando L, (12-4/8-2)

Indiana W, (8-7/4-5)

New Jersey L, (6-11/4-4)

New York W, (9-9/2-5)

Toronto W, (6-11/4-4)

That's a combined (45-73, .381) overall record for the teams the Hawks have beaten on the road, with a home record of (25-31, .456).

Not too strong there. Looking ahead in December, here is what the Hawks have in front of them:

Miami (10-8/8-3)

Orlando (12-4/8-2)

San Antonio (14-2/7-2)

Detroit (6-11/4-4)

Boston (12-4/7-1)

New Jersey (6-11/4-4)

New Orleans (12-5/7-1)

Milwaukee (6-11/4-4)

Oklahoma City (12-6/6-4)

Stepping up considerably there, with a combined (88-62, .586) overall record and a stellar (58-25, .699) record at home.

The Hawks would figure to get a good look at what their team really is and where Coach Drew and Rick Sund need to shore up the roster. We've already made one potential suggestion, but as Sund said to the AJC, it's too early to know what this team is, but safe to say, after this December, we'll have a real good idea.

Exit Questions: What will the Hawks record be in these (9) December road games? What would be considered a success?