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Jeff Teague Handling Reduced Playing Time Well

Jeff Teague used the words "being professional" when talking about his recent reduction in playing time. In reading Teague's comments there doesn't appear to be a rift between the coach and the player just yet which is in sharp contrast to the way things are being handled in other NBA cities. In recent days we have saw Larry Drew go with Mike Bibby and Jamal Crawford exclusively at the point guard position. Also Jordan Crawford has gotten minutes of late at the expense of Teague. 

"It is part of coaching; it is part of the game," he said. "I thought he was doing what is best for the team. We are on a winning streak, so I’m happy the team is winning."

"I’ve got to be a professional," he said. "You’ve always got to be ready."

That in my opinion is a great attitude to have and doesn't sound like a player that is fearful of falling to the end of the bench. Teague's sounds like he is sure that his time will come even though he admits to MC that he is going to talk to coach Drew about his situation once the team returns to Atlanta. 

Bret at Hoopinion thinks there is a double standard as far as the Atlanta backcourt goes.

With 8:56 left in the second quarter, he made a lazy pass while initiating the offense. Leandro Barbosa stole the pass and took it in for a layup. It was a unforced error in every respect. It was also exactly like unforced turnovers Mike Bibby and Jamal Crawford have committed in recent games. 

So it is with this that I throw it out there for discussion. At what point does a team like the Hawks that is expected to win now sit a young player like Jeff Teague for poor play or execution?