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48MOH: DeJuan Blair might not work for Spurs

Alternate headline: Hey, if the Hawks are down on Jeff Teague, maybe they can get a reboot of that draft, courtesy of the San Antonio Spurs?

Hmmmm...if only DeJuan Blair were somehow potentially available....Maybe?

This sounds counter-intuitive, but DeJuan Blair is best suited to play in a transition offense that boasts a bevy of shooters. Blair would thrive in the NY Knicks offense, for example. He makes smart outlet passes, is fast enough to run the floor with smalls, and is always happy to clean the offensive glass and reset the clock for a surrounding cast of jump-shooting specialists.  San Antonio can field these sort of lineups, but they'll never do so in the closing minutes of the game.

Hey, we can make that work for Atlanta, especially if it means replacing Josh Powell in the rotation with Blair, who greatly enhances the Hawks ability to rebound defensively, still one of the biggest, festering issues for the team's defensive efforts.

There is nothing that says that the Spurs even will trade him, or think about dealing him, but, if 48MOH is accurate about their reasons regarding Blair's decline in minutes recently, then the Hawks would be wise to jump on it before a savvy franchise snaps him up for nothing or the Spurs do what they do and conjure a genius way to make it work with Blair.