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Sund to AJC: Hey, it's early in the season still and how about that FG%?

Submitted for your commentary, from yesterday's MC submission:

The Hawks haven't been consistent but Sund noted the season is less than one-fourth complete.

"When we hit on all cylinders, we can really play well," he said. "We are shooting the ball pretty good, obviously. We've either led the league or are second in field-goal percentage the whole season.

"When we pick up our defense, that is probably one of our biggest keys. When we play with energy, it helps our defense. I think Larry has done a really good job of getting them ready. Most importantly, I keep my fingers crossed we stay injury free. That is a big key for teams."

One day maybe we'll see something more substantive, information wise, from our GM, as Sund goes more towards the Billy Knight method of non-disclosure rather than Pete Babcock's "what do you need to know" candid approach. Still, always good for MC to ask the questions and for Sund to go on the record with something.

For now, Sund's field goal percentage comment gives off an old-stats analysis scent, kin to a baseball guy talking about how a guy had a ton of RBI with his previous club so obviously that's a good thing, right (otherwise known as the Rico Brogna approach)? Ultimately, Sund says what we've all said when looking at this team...pretty much the same as last season---strong offensively, weaker defensively and in need of staying on top of our best game defensively to maintain a middle of the pack ranking there.

Exit Question: How many fingers will Sund have to cross to make his injury-free wish come true again this season? Answer: How much you got?