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Sacramento Bee: Kings are aggressively seeking a move; inquired about Hawks' Teague

From the Bee (via Sactown Royalty):

The Kings are aggressively pursuing a move and reportedly have inquired about Atlanta's Jeff Teague and Houston's Aaron Brooks, among others, though team officials declined to comment on the speculation.    


This was touched on a week or so ago and was determined by Kris, as well as Dime magazine, that the Hawks couldn't trade Teague due to the dearth of PGs on the roster and the assumption of Jeff being the PG-in waiting.

Obviously the Hawks had to turn this deal down as it is reported due to the lack of available point guards on the roster. It hasn't happend yet but I actually still believe that the plan is for Teague to garner more of a defined role as the season goes along. He is the only guard on the roster than would have a remote chance in defending the league's quicker point guards. 

I have long been a fan of Thompson and would love to see him as a back up power forward on this team. He is still on his rookie scale contract and is making a little over 2 million dollars this season. Still with the way this Hawks team is presently constructed, this deal can't be completed in my opinion. 


On the other hand, Cowbell Kingdom didn't want the Kings to do the deal:

Except, you know, how Jason's a much better player.

It's not that I don't like Teague. I think he could be a serviceable starter down the road. But that's it. Serviceable starter. And one who would be a far from ideal fit next to Tyreke, too - you want a shooter next to a guy like Reke, while Teague boasts career marks of 39.8% FG and 21.6% 3PT. It should be noted that he shot well at college - 44% from three his final collegiate year - but that 21.6% is way too horrible to make me believe his NBA future holds a scorer's identity that isn't of the "slasher" variety.


However, after recent curious treatment from Larry Drew involving Teague, and the Hawks struggles up front to rebound, what do you think: Second look at Jason Thompson for Teague?