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FanHouse: Jamal Crawford Admits His Uncertain Future Has Affected His Play

Chris Tomasson of NBA FanHouse talked with Jamal before Monday's loss to the Celtics and he admits in the article that his desire for a contract extension has affected his play this season.  

"I'm overthinking,'' Crawford said in an interview with FanHouse before Monday's home game against Boston. "I think with everything going on, I'm just thinking too much and not just playing basketball. ... I'd be lying if I said it hasn't crossed my mind, you know, the future. ... Everything's been a little bit of a distraction.'' 

Coach Drew says that he understands but that it is time to move past it.

"Having been a player, I can understand how Jamal feels,'' said Drew, a 10-year NBA guard who last played in 1990-91. "I've mentioned it to him, 'Your focus has to be basketball right now.' And just let your agent (Aaron Goodwin) and then management, just let them take care of it. If (an extension) happens, that will be wonderful. But, if it doesn't happen, he can't allow it to affect him to where he's not on the floor performing up to his expectations.

"I've had talks with him and I think we're on the same page. He's already mentioned the fact that it's bothered him, and I know it's bothering him. But ... he's got to move on, and he's ready to get back to the old Jamal Crawford.''

Jamal was a huge reason for last year's success and was rewarded with the Sixth Man of the Year for his effort. That magic for whatever reason has been non-existent this season. I have previously stated that the new motion style offense is not ideal for a player like Jamal yet can you really let contract talks effect your play or is that just one of the excuses that Al Horford is talking about? 

If that lack of a contract for next season really is effecting Crawford, then he needs to realize that his current play will have a huge bearing on the next contract he receives whether or not it is from the Hawks