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You know who's really to blame for the lack of effort this season? Jeff Teague.

There is accountability for thee but not for me.

Yes, Larry Drew vented about this team's "effort" against Boston Monday night, but the direction coming from the bench is only really happening post game, not on the court during such contests.

Bret at Hoopinion finds that, in all the lack of excellence last night, there was one who got what he had coming to him. 

Yup, just one.

For whatever reason, Teague played just 2:27 of the second half despite the entire half being essentially garbage time. Teague came out after Nate Robinson made consecutive three-pointers in front of the Atlanta bench but Drew couldn't have pulled Teague to make a point about perimeter defense, could he? The entire Atlanta careers of Bibby and Jamal Crawford (not to mention much of Joe Johnson's) exemplify a pattern of non-accountability for the defense from the guards. Teague has had two head coaches in Atlanta, neither of whom have demonstrated the slightest confidence in any part of his game. Maybe that's warranted but, from the outside, it seems a penny-wise, pound-foolish decision to make an example of Teague on this night when he was absolutely the least of Atlanta's problems and lends further credence to the idea that there's almost no limit to how poorly the tenured guards can play without their playing time being reduced.    

Can you dig it? Can you dig it, baby?

Unless we can chalk up yet another first round pick as lost, do we think we can see our point guard-to-be in game action for more than 2 1/2 minutes in a contest that sent me to the fast forward button down 13-3?

Makes sense unless the message is that Teague isn't going to be trusted moving forward or that he is going to be held way more accountable than the veterans on the team, in which case it's all up to those players to get themselves ready to play, because, unlike the young guard, there are no reins around them that lead back to the bench.