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Instant Reaction: Celtics 99, Hawks 76

Quick Thought: Stopped watching at 13-3. You should have, too.


One team looked like a team that has been to the mountaintop, and the other can't possibly see it from where they are.

The Hawks came out shooting their 2009-2010 version jump shots, right down to the same two sets they ran all season last season to start the game: Joe Johnson off a screen, Mike Bibby off the screen. The only problem is that the Hawks whipped the Celtics in four straight last season and this time the ATL got blown away and never gave themselves a chance, nor would Boston give them one themselves.

The Hawks got mashed in every facet of the game. Even the opening tip foreshadowed the rest of the evening, with Shaquille O`Neal beating Josh Smith to the ball. Passive jump shooting followed to go with too-late defense and nobody to help the lone Hawk alone on the defensive boards. 

The Celtics starters were an uncontested 30-44 or a ridiculously indicting (68) percent from the floor. By contrast, as if that alone shouldn't make this team wake up and smell the mediocrity, the Hawks starters were 10-35, or (29) percent. 

If you are a Celtic fan, that's a recipe for a yummy blowout and sweet payback for last season's sweep.

Good for you. Now go away.

Three Stars:

Yeah, ummmm, no.


The Hawks better get over themselves and get back to playing like they need every possession to win. The "expect to win" mentality only works when you are also doing all the necessary effort things it takes to win.

Tomorrow night's game is in New Jersey, and the Hawks can set themselves back on track with another road win. But they'll have to dig much, much deeper to do it. This effort was a dead parrot.