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The Hawks Still Battling Injuries to Key Players

As previously reported by Michael Cunningham, the Hawks are still battling some very nagging injuries to key players.

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While the Hawks were one of the healthiest teams last season, the 2010-11 season has been anything but. In addition to being without the only two true small forwards on the roster for a week, MC now also reports that Joe Johnson has a nagging injury to his left hand that he suffered in the preseason. 

The injury is to Johnson's left hand and it may or may not be related to his recent shooting struggles, but the fact that he wore a protective glove last night for the first time this season tells that it isn't getting any better. Of course Joe isn't making excuses:

"I'm good, man," he said. "Just nursing these little ‘nick knacks' I've got. Other than that, everything else is cool. I will be all right."

Marvin Williams has struggled since returning from the knee injury he suffered against the Detroit Pistons. He is shooting 41% in the four games since he returned but is averaging less than 8 points a game in those contests. He also doesn't appear to be moving well on defense. Marvin was basically non-existent in last night's loss to the Mavericks until a late lay up and clutch three pointer helped the Hawks close the gap. The question is can his knee heal while still playing?

Injuries was one thing that the Hawks did not have to deal with last season in route to winning 53 games. They have clearly already been a major factor in the Hawks 8-5 start this season. It also would appear that they are not going away anytime soon.