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It's come to this: Prediction Poll Time!


More after the jump:

Amazingly, we're 11 games in already. 7 Wins, all against now sub .500 teams and four losses against more stout teams (PHX, MIL, ORL, UTAH).

Al Horford is breaking out even more, despite his relative little playing time, spurring support to free the man.

Josh Smith is taking less shots per game at the rim and more from the outside, but he has improved his free throw percentage, but is getting to the line less.

As a team, they are still in the Top 10 in Off/Def Efficiency difference, despite taking a predicted nose dive in turnover difference due to their new motion offense.

So, how are you feeling about the Hawks so far?

Oh yeah? Care to make a prediction? Stand up and be counted/heard!