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Another reason not to sit Al Horford, ever.


Via's NBA Power Rankings, where the Hawks predictably fall out of the top 10 (our Power Rankings Roundup will come out tomorrow--thanks for asking): Writer Britt Robson is finally enlightened to Horford's impact on the team, which makes him another participant in the ever-growing theater that is the legion of Horford believers.

Now, if only Larry Drew can understand that the team needs him more than we need him not to pick up a third foul in the second quarter or the extra three minutes of rest in the fourth, we might get some daylight late in games.

Don't kill the guy for the  "grass is green, sky is blue" analysis of the Hawks--focus instead on the goodness that is Al Horford.


13 Atlanta Hawks


Last Week: 9 Atlanta Hawks (7-4):

Joe Johnson is the marquee star with the max contract and Josh Smith fills the highlight reels, but the longer you watch the Hawks play, the more you realize that Al Horford is their stealth MVP. The undersized center is shooting a league-best 64.2 percent from the field and a career-high 82.5 percent from the line, and he has increased his assist rate while reducing his turnovers. The team-oriented statistics are equally impressive: According to, the Hawks are once again scoring about five points more per 100 possessions and allowing five points fewer per 100 possessions with Horford on the court compared to when he sits.