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Dime Magazine loves them some Joe Johnson

Dime Magazine is ranking the Top 30 Go-To Guys in the NBA today.

Guess who's #12?

There is a very good chance that Joe Johnson is as good right now as he's ever going to get. Which is very good: Solid 20-point, 5-board, 5-dime type, All-Star staple, spontaneous combustions of 35 to 40 points some nights, no stranger to game-winners and daggers, one of the 15 to 20 best in the world at what he does for a living.    

Through all of the hand-wringing about should we sign/should we not, there is no disputing that today's Joe Johnson is a rockin' player. Ok, as we found out this morning, maybe some might be under a different spell.

Exit Question: Does having Michael Beasley at #30 undermine these rankings?