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Can the Hawks beat the Heat like Utah's Millsap?


Forget if they can, would they?

Last night, Utah's Paul Millsap got the better of the Miami Heat front men, in a big way, scoring 46 points in game that Sekou Smith already tabbed "an instant classic".

This, on the heels of Emeka Okafor 26 and 13 performance against the Heat AND Jason Whitlock's theory that the Heat need to drop Bosh in favor of a Varejao type presence inside.

Now, even Red's Army says it's too early to draw any solid conclusions, but even assuming that the lack of interior game is the Super Friends Kryptonite, would the Hawks even be able to take advantage if that were the case?

The Hawks, even with their motion offense, still tend to be jump shot heavy. They have highly compensated and high usage guards who do enjoy hoisting a shot or two. Heck, even Josh Smith has bought a offensive condo outside the paint again this season.

Against the Phoenix Suns, Al Horford had a big game, but was not by any means a strategic focus of attack for the Hawks offense. Will we ever see a game for Horford like that of Paul Millsap? Seems like Al is capable but does it make sense for the Hawks to go for it? 

Exit Question: Will the Hawks be willing to beat up the Heat by attacking the inside and running the offense to take advantage of this weakness?