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Cunningham: Horford and Hawks agree to 5 year, 60 million dollar extension

<strong>Cost Certainty.</strong>
Cost Certainty.

Celebrate after the jump:

Michael Cunningham tweets that the improbable has actually happened, the Hawks and Al Horford agreeing to an extension.

Per Michael's Twitter account:

#Hawks and @Al_Horford agree to terms on 5 year $60 mil contract extension. Incentives still to be negotiated

UPDATE: Further confirmed by Hometeam, Brandon Leak and Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears. Golden. You are now free to exhale regarding our favored big man.


Isn't it fitting that he gets the same deal his fellow Gator, Joakim Noah, got from the Bulls?

More than Josh Smith---any chance for friction there? Maybe not between Al and Smoove, but with management? Before you answer, remember that Rick Sund got it done with Al prior to being a RFA. Just sayin'.

MORE UPDATE: From the desk of Rick Sund, dept:

"From the moment he arrived in Atlanta, Al has been a large part of our success," said Sund. "The winning tradition he brought to the franchise as a rookie out of Florida has extended to three consecutive playoff seasons in a Hawks uniform. In addition, he was deservedly recognized as an All-Star last year, and we certainly look forward to his continued development as we move forward."

MORE UPDATE: MC brings up an interesting angle that I didn't address above---Maybe not Josh getting upset, but maybe....Jamal?

Poll coming....Poll posted.