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NBA D-League Preparing For Start of the Season

With the NBA schedule now in full swing, the Developmental League is also preparing to kick off it's festivities. Over the weekend the D-League announced it's list of allocated players for the upcoming season. For those of you that aren't familiar with the process there is a new rule in place this season in terms of player allocation. Basically what this is saying is that an NBA team can allocate up to three players that were cut last from their preseason roster to their D-League Affiliate team. If you check out the list here, you will see that Evan Brock who was in camp with the Hawks has been assigned to the Utah Flash as an affiliate player. 

D-League training camp rosters will be completed tonight after the annual D-League Draft. This years draft pool is probably the most talented pool in the D-League's history with recognizable names like former North Carolina Tar Heel Rashad McCants and former NBA vet Antonio Daniels. The Draft can be followed live at the D-League's official site.

It has been assumed that Hawks second round pick Pape Sy would be a candidate for a D-League assignment  at some point this season provided he recovers from the back injury that has hampered him throughout training camp and the early part of the season. Sy reportedly has yet to practice with the team. 

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