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More National P-Hoops Attention: Boston Love

Peachtree Hoops participated in a Blogger Preview hosted by in Boston, the foremost source of sports news in the Boston area.

We were honored to be tapped to provide the Hawks content among some excellent blogs across the NBA and we provided a quick paragraph on the Hawks outlook and our take on Boston.

Read our take below and see if you agree with the opinion on the Celtics and, of course, our Hawks.

WEEI Previews the NBA, Southeast Division

(Note: My moniker has caused confusion, as WEEI indicates that the preview is from The Human Highlight Blog, which is true in that it's from me, but is in the site area, not author name. However, the link does go to P-Hoops.)

Update (12:32): Name fixed on the site. Whew. Thanks, Ben!