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Hawks Wrap up Preseason With Lackluster 99-66 Loss in Charlotte

Hawks vs Bobcats boxscore

Hawks vs Bobcats recap

The most concerning part of a thirty three point loss to close out the exhibition season is the fact that it came after their the team's best performance. Another concerning point is we have seen this kind of lackadaisical attitude before. That brings in to question talk of professionalism, focus, and desire. It is true that we have seen this before but this time we are seeing it with a rookie head coach at the helm and right after finishing up one of the toughest training camps these players have ever had by all accounts. In the grand scheme of things this game will be quickly forgotten if the Hawks win their regular season opener Wednesday in Memphis. 

If the blowout loss does anything it brings an even more cloudy picture to this preseason. The team is trying to implement a very different offensive and defensive system, it is trying to bring along a new point guard in Jeff Teague, and it has been injured for much of the preseason which has hampered it's development. The win over Miami is the high point and perhaps the low point came with another blowout loss to the Magic. At this point there is no momentum or certainty coming out of the preseason. Just questions that to this point remain unanswered.

Box Score Ugliness:


  • The Hawks were outscored by a total of 61-25 over the course of the 2nd and 3rd quarters. 
  • The Hawks committed 23 turnovers to just 9 assists. 
  • Jeff Teague and Jamal Crawford combined for 13 turnovers.
  • Teague got the start for Bibby who was given the day off. 
  • Al Horford rebounded with a good shooting night 4-7 for 12 points in just under 20 minutes of action.
  • Joe Johnson went scoreless in 16 minutes (0-2 from the field)
I will spare you of anymore details of this ugliness because that is exactly what it was. We will however leave you with quote from Al Horford that pretty much sums up this kind of performance from this team:

"This is what you call being able to handle success," Al said. "Throughout the years I’ve been here we have not been able to do that. It shows a lot of immaturity for our team. Now it is for real. Now we have got to really get it going."

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