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Atlanta Hawks Injury Update, Four Hawks Return to Practice

Four Atlanta Hawks players returned to practice today from various injuries that had sidelined them for the last two exhibition games. Jamal Crawford (Back), Jason Collins (leg), Marvin Williams (Flu Like Symptoms), and Maurice Evans (knee) all returned to practice today. Crawford and Evans have yet to play in an exhibition game while Collins and Williams played in the exhibition opener against the Grizzlies but have been out ever since. 

The news wasn't as good on Jeff Teague. Teague (ankle) did not practice today and is considered doubtful for Saturday's exhibition game against the Hornets. The timing of the injury is unfortunate for Teague as he was given the opportunity to push Mike Bibby for the starting point guard job. Because of the injury, Teague hasn't been on the court enough to build much momentum. Teague ran on a treadmill today during practice but he and the team are being very cautious. 

One thing Teague doesn't have to do it appears is look over his shoulder at Jordan Crawford. I speculated earlier this week that perhaps Jordan Crawford could figure into the point guard discussion. Hawks coach Larry Drew touched on that subject today and he doesn't see Crawford as a point guard. 

"I look at Jordan as who he is. He is not a point. He has the ability to play some point but he doesn’t have those natural point-guard instincts. He’s a good passer. That being said, I just view him more as a two than a one."

Hawks second round pick Pape Sy is still out with a sore back and there doesn't appear to have been any changes to his status.