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Atlanta Hawks 93, Boston Celtics 85 or Jamal Crawford idiotically destroys the Celtics in a reign of awesomeness



Jamal Crawford's shot section was rarely good in the last ten minutes. Even when he drove the ball, it seems lucky that it went in. He was everything that three previous cities have sat around trash fires and spoken mean words about for Jamal's entire career.

And if anyone complains about one damn one of those attempts, I am going to ban them.

Jamal goes 1-6 in the fourth quarter instead of 5-6 and of course there are issues. But dude is on a playoff team now. He is not allowed to go 1-6. And I don't mean that in a pull your hair out if it happens kind of way but in a, "seriously dude, only one guy can go 1-6 in the fourth and he wears number two."

So say nothing bad about what it means that Crawford thinks he can shoot horrible shots all over the place down the stretch. Instead, yell, cuss, toast, pound your chest, and name your pet crab Crawstation in honor of the awesomeness. Because damnation that was pretty. I love Flip Murray, and Hot Flip was so wonderful I darn near put the phrase in my wedding vows, but on the moderately rare night Jamal is on fire, you can put your Hot Flip nostalgia to pasture and take an ice bath because Jamal Crawford is going to burn the whole house down.

Front court heart

That brief and passionate love affair with Jamal Crawford should not overshadow that our heart, and the Hawks heart, beats because of Al Horford and Josh Smith. When the Hawks looked like they were headed down the over dribble, turnover, tough runner display that is the Joe show in the fourth quarter, the front court settled the ship so Jamal Crawford had firm footing to hammer the Celtics final nail.

They were a combined 14-22, 31 points, and 22 rebounds. They were men. They were not athletic or lucky or on fire. They were better. I will say it until I am wrong, give these guys more than 20 shots and the Hawks are tough to beat.

As a side note, I loved how the refs called the game down low. They made horrible calls on both sides. But outside a touch foul on Zaza, they let the big boys bang. I know Perkins appreciated. I am sure Sheed hated it. But I am happy Josh did not totally freak out and cry over it.

Victory Bullets

  • Joe Johnson is one of the best fourth quarter players. Just not as the only option. That should be said and not forgotten a 1000 times over.
  • Hats off to Duff Man for calling a 25 point fourth quarter as the perfect point total for a win.
  • I don't know why, but I love Marvin Williams game.
  • Far and away Paul Pierce's least annoying game. And I thought that with the game in doubt. He just played. Thank you.
  • ESPN reporter: What does it mean to finally be on a playoff contender? Jamal Crawford: Everything.
  • Teague and Mo were perfect roll players no?
  • The Joe slow down with about a minute left in the game was the best slow down of the year. That is the least exciting list ever. But it got me off the couch tonight.
  • Mike Bibby played like he was 25. Seriously, he sacrificed his body more in this game than he has all season.
  • Four fouls, nine minutes. Zaza's post game quote, "Have fun in the ice bath Boston."

Go Hawks!