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Three interesting Atlanta Hawks links and not just because this is a Hawks blog.

Josh is still skeptical about rejoining that fraternity, but brother Nique is going to remind Smith that he will always be the Human Highlights pledge and that is very clear his finger is up. UNTIL MY FINGER GOES DOWN!

Dunk contests are dumb or superficial or contrived entertainment or whatever your gripe is (and your gripe is surely true), and if LeBron James actually participates, he will undoubtedly cheat someone out of a rightful victory. Still, it brands people. It brings a name to the masses. And if Josh Smith makes his first all-star game, there could be really nothing better for his noteirightly and the Hawks overall presence than being in that contest. It is weird, but it is true.

Basically, in a star driven league, you should do what you can to become one.

When asked Wednesday if a team’s record this season will play a part in his decision-making this summer, the Hawks’ Joe Johnson said, "It matters. A lot comes into play. Nobody wants to go to a tough team. But you’ve got to keep everybody in consideration."

So to recap, if a good team offers the most money, it matters.

Othello was put on waivers, and I hope he gets heavy rotation on a D-league team. It is easy to think about Othello as the guy who made more money than most of will make this year by sitting on the bench, but I like to think this is Othello's dream. His one dream. And if you don't think this is important or special for them, check out this video of a call up to the NBA.

Mo was an undrafted free agent. He knows you have to get lucky, work hard, etc. etc. But the sure sign that something had meant a lot to you is if you pay if forward. Mo Evans obviously was doing that with Othello.

"I've spent many a dinner counseling him and talking to him and for this to happen, I think it's unfortunate, but at the same time, it provides him the opportunity to get better [by] playing because no one can get better in this league when they don't get playing time."

Best of luck Othello. I still think you have eighth man skill in you.