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Because a good Atlanta Hawks shirt is hard to find.

Peachtree Hoops recently passed 700 registered members. Our community is all grows up!

So it seemed like perfect timing when I received and email through SBNation about a partnership with They make custom t-shirts on an individual basis. Which means no up front cost for me, and huge variety of possible shirts for us.

Basically, WSC can take an idea or saying and create a shirt out of it. Any idea, any saying. The shirts just cannot have a teams nickname in the title. I am also pretty sure the likeness of a player is off limits too. But that leaves a lot of possibilities. Personifying nicknames, mocking other teams/players, and clever/funny sayings.

Some of the mock ups we saw had a made up word and its definition like it was out of a dictionary, another had a cartoon snake and the number of whoever "rattlesnake" is, and a third has a guy giving the middle finger and it said "Hey Belichchick, steal this sign." So basically, a lot is possible.

I realize not all 700 people are going to buy a shirt, and they are not incredibly cheap since they are made one at a time, but I figure if we can get people (like 10) around a few ideas, I will get them produced and a little store link will go up where you can purchase them. I am really excited about the idea.

As far as possibilities, a one minute brainstorming session with a buddy came up with "Nothing easy!," "Heat check," something to do with "boss," something to do with "the difference," and "there is first love, and there's Zaza Pachulia love."

But I want to know your ideas. Be as specific as you want, down to the image or color. The more colors and intricate the image the more expensive. Rec or comment on ideas you like. If you don't want to comment, you can send me an email at

Hope this interests some of you. I think we can come up with two or three great ideas. And thanks for being a part of this little here blog community.

Go Hawks!