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Preview and Game Thread #44: Atlanta Hawks @ San Antonio Spurs

Atlanta Hawks 09-10 Season Game # 43


@ Atlanta-hawks_medium
AT&T Center
January 27th, 2010, 8:30 PM EST
Sports South, Hawks Radio Network, NBA Audio League Pass
Probable starters:
Tony Parker
PG Mike Bibby
Keith Bogans SG Joe Johnson
Richard Jefferson SF Marvin Williams
Tim Duncan PF Josh Smith
DeJuan Blair C Al Horford

Hawks Injury Report: None

Spurs injury Report: Michael Finely is out.

Blogging With the Enemy: Pounding the Rock

Predicted bane of the Hawks' existence: I don't care how inconsistent he has been, Tony Parker.

Game Preview:

Go over to Pounding the Rock and you will be vicariously depressed. The Spurs have lost three straight and the world is following in and around San Antonio. Tony Parker should be on the trading block. Richard Jefferson was a bad signing. Manu plays the age that he looks. The team is wasting Duncan's last few championship quality years. It is bad news. And they ONLY have four more losses than Hawks. Ahhh, the life of a perennial contender.

Due to the fact that I think this the Spurs still have plenty of that championship blood pumping through those veins (even if it is not enough to last through June), they have a top two coach, and the Hawks have not won all three Texas games since 1991, I have a bad feeling about this. Basically, I am rooting for a close game and for DeJuan Blair not to make me cry.

Keys to the game:

  1. Take advantage of the one reason obvious rookie weakness Blair has...defense. He ain't good.
  2. Make Tony Parker hit jump shots.
  3. See if Marvin can go off against Richard Jefferson.
  4. Who is guarding Joe? The mismatch could be there.

I actually like the Hawks offense in this game. They have a lot of mismatches. I just don't like a buckled down Spurs team at home against anyone on a random night in January. Who knows, stranger things have happened. Like Atlanta leading the division. Or Woody shaving his eyebrows.

Go Hawks!