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Atlanta Hawks 102, Houston Rockets 95 or eyebrows set the tone.


Mike Woodson pregame and post eyebrow via HawksPRman' twitter.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And a losing streak back to 1999 certainly qualifies. So feel free to plug in your eye brown free Woody story, but the moral of it better be positive. Because dang it if the Hawks didn't pull off a Prince-esque performance. Ok, it wan't Prince-esque but that analogy would have been one for the ages. 

To recap before the offical recap:

  1. Joe Johnson stayed out of the Joe show (for the most part) and still hit shots.
  2. Clutch threes and/or shots by Jamal and Bibby.
  3. Josh Smith took the focus train to crazy town.
  4. Good defense. (44 shots in the paint by Houston with less than 50% shooting.)

If someones didn't have to lose a set of eyebrows, it would all seems easy enough. But for one night, lets live into the hope that it is that easy. So who is willing to sacrifice for San Antonio?

Go Hawks!