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Atlanta Hawks 103, Charlotte Bobcats 89 or where playing well 70% of the time works100% of the time



Good win, mostly good play. Al Horford for all-star. And I think Gerald Wallace just hit the floor again.

This recap is obviously late. The game has been digested. Most of the passion gone. It seems unfair since a loss would be brooding well into Monday, but wins have a way of doing that, and I am not going to unleash a 1,000 words on stuff you have already thought about and forgotten.

No need but a few closing remarks And looking back I was incredibly happy with the Hawks ability to turn back on what was working. Tell me you have video of perfect 48 minute game and I will assume it is in cartoon  and involved Game Genie. The Hawks certainly let up. They became incredibly lazy, but every time, and to Woodson's credit usually by way of timeout, Hawks came back and started moving the ball around and inside out. I don't know about you but that kind self-awareness from a Hawks team is still a bit freaky.  But good freaky.

Guards vs. front court

And yes, I thought some of those Joe Johnson misses in the second half were bad shots, and some of those Jamal Crawford makes were equally questionable, but the front court got 27 shots and made 16 of them. So you can let those crazy jump shooting guards have a little careless, momentum killing fun every once in a while. Get it up to 30 shots and we will give Joe and Jamal each a contested half court heave a piece.

Jeff Teague

And finally, Jeff Teague did not look confident. He did not look good. He had moments of serviceability (he pulled the chair on Gerald Wallace!), and he got better the longer he played. I am just glad Woody played him, and I hope he sees not "throwing Teague into the fire" is burning up any confidence he had.

Go Hawks!