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A few holiday thoughts

First, thanks to Bronn for more than holding down the fort. Excellent work good sir.

Second, are you freaking kidding me Hawks? Things come out of my body that are prettier than watching a defense give up 40 points to Nate Robinson. These fourth quarter offensive performances make me jealous of the efficiency of 6 year old girls their first a country that has never heard of basketball. Post game quotes by our coach that start with "we should have" and end with naming a game plan that is polar opposite to what happened makes brick walls seem too soft and my head too expendable. I once watched an NBA player miss two uncontested dunks that cost the team a chance to win. Actually, that never happened, but that is basically what the scorer keeper/refs did with that 24 second clock. Also, poop show! Damn it! Fiddle sticks! And balls!

Ok, I just created a more open floor plan in the house with my fists. Feeling a little better.

Deep breaths, we got 82 games in  a season, Nate Robinson, 82 games, horrible officiating, 82 games, Mike Woodson's game management, 82 games, deep breaths, the Joe show, oh my gosh, deep breaths. We got 82 games......

.....ahhhhh forget it. I got warm champagne in the kitchen.