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Stop digging your fox hole.

It is a new, more reasonable day here at Peachtree Hoops. Last night's recap was far too whinny. The loss deserved some complaining. When you see the Hawks lose the same way and for the same reasons, it is frustrating, but it is good to remember that while the losses have fit a pattern, they have have not come in bunches. Any post full of absolutes is a bit much. A bit too bloggy. Atlanta lost to a very good team that played very well. Those happen.

Shoot, you know I was far too inward focused when I did not even mention the thunder dunk by Jeff Green. If Josh Smith had been on the other side of things, I would have written a love song about it. With a nights sleep under us, we can look back at this game and see after Kevin Durant's huge first quarter, he was held in "superstar" check. The Hawks actually win if they hit their free throws or don't let Krstic go 7-11 from the field or hit two of those ten open threes or any number of things. So lets be honest, Atlanta plays with the same players and are coached by the same guy every game so they are going to lose the same way more times than not. Might as well feel good that we can look back and see five semi-fluke things that could have turned the tide. Because clearly getting frustrated about the number of front court shots is going to turn us all into 80 year olds complaining about these "damn computer things." So lighten up grandpa (meaning me), we have the fifth best record in the league.

Goodbye my lovvvvvvvvvve!

Officially, put your Jeff Teague campaign to rest. The protest signs are unnecessary, the fan posts redundant. Michael Cunningham makes it clear, our boy is not playing.

"I don’t have to rush Teague," Woodson said. "I’ve got confidence in Teague. But [Mike] Bibby and Jamal [Crawford] have carried the load at the [point].

"I feel good about Teague and what he brings to the table. Eventually Teague will run this team, I think. But I don’t have to throw him to the wolves like I did those other guys."

While I am fine giving up on the dream for this season, I should note that playing Teague and throwing him to the wolves are not uncontrollably tied to one another. Or that Woodson played Mario West twice as many minutes. Or "thinking" Teague can run the team will not be good enough knowledge once he is actually asked to do so. I guess the moral of the story is this, when Woody had to play rookies he did and when he doesn't, he doesn't, or put another way, Woody has never managed a full roster.

Loser Dots

  • As good as Kevin Durant is, and holy hell he is he good, if I was a fan of the Thunder, I would get very frustrated at his love of the jumper. He seems almost unstoppable on the drive.
  • Ok, one more complaint. Joe Johnson must grab more than one rebound. Overall, our guards have to hit the boards better, but since our other guards are Mike Bibby and Jamal Crawford, I will just say again, Joe Johnson must grab more than one rebound.
  • I can't get over how Josh Smith-y that Jeff Green dunk was.
  • I think Zaza Pachulia had an offensive rebound on every single one of his missed shots.
  • No one makes it look easier than Kevin Durant. And yes, I am including everyone in that no one.
  • And the guy is really enjoyable to watch. So please no one teach Durant to flop.
  • Russell Westbrook got to the rim so easily and emphatically once and only once. I actually forgot to ask why he never did that again. Why did he never do that again?
  • Did BJ Mullins change his name to just Byron?
  • Part of me wishes Jamal Crawford had only dished out one assist so I could have the full New York Knicks Jamal Crawford experience.
  • You know who is not afraid to shoot? James Harden. I thought that was terrible three point shot was going to turn the game. Unfortunately, the Hawks countered by taking terrible three point shots. It was like a slap fight.
  • That crowd was ready to explode yesterday and were never allowed to. There were probably 100 unnecessary fights between families when people got home. I hope they all blamed Jamal Crawford for their pent up aggression.
  • Why does no one but our front court push the pace?
  • Just for the record, Eric Maynor, the guy drafted after Teague, totally sucked and still got 15 minutes in the win. Hell, Byron got two more minutes than number Zero.
  • And Boston and Orlando just keep on losing.....

Go Hawks!