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The quote off.

We now have had two inside looks at the Hawks this year. One through NBATV's "Real Training Camp" and the other by way of Lang Whitaker at SLAM. Sure each gave a few new insights. Some things to be analyzed and enjoyed. Basically a better awareness of the team even if that awareness leads to an emphasis on things that don't deserve emphasis but will get it because we know about them.

But enough of that abstract mumbo jumbo. The important thing is the Hawks now have two quotes that are so outstanding it is really beyond words. None of that "we came out with bad effort" or "we just were focused" post game crap. These are quotes I can read and be proud of. Josh Smith attempting to bet Al Horford whether his shot will hit the rim or not mid drill and Jeff Teague and Mike Woodson cussing about defense. Ahhhh, being an insider, it is the good life.