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Atlanta Hawks 94, Washington Wizards 82 or the Hawks 75% effort is better than the Wizards 75% effort.



"Have fun with that first quarter." Those were my friend's last words as I started the DVR. That initial period was an odd mix of bad shots, good misses, and "end of the shot clock" jumpers. For the most part, it just seemed the Hawks had an open enough shot that they could not pass up or a shot clock they had to pay attention to. Neither situation is entirely excusable, but neither demonstrates a make or break issue. An issues? Yes. There are always issues with a 17 point quarter, but mostly, this was a "we missed shots we normally hit and there were 3,000 people in the building to start the game" first quarter. Plus, the Wizards were perfectly fine with quick shots and bad shots on their own. And those two characteristics were rarely mutually exclusive.

Honestly, this game was not fun. Jeff Teague and Mario West tried to make it fun, but they only had so long to work their redemption. At some points, I felt like the Hawks kept the Wizards around to feign excitement, but that failed too. Tough defense applied and tough shots made are not exciting when it appears no one is going full speed. I am just glad the Hawks never forgot they were better and tried hard enough to pull out an easy win, even if it forced some unnecessary fourth quarter concessions.

Heeeeeeeee's Back

Ahhh, Mario West. Know this good sir. You are hated by some because you are loved by our coach. And the reason you are loved by our coach is the reason we all love you. Even the ones that hate you. Our coach sometimes can't distinguish love verses strategy. But we have no control over strategy. So let us just show love by saying thanks for your effort. Thanks for passion. Welcome home. And when we get tired of seeing your one minute appearances or detrimental offensive presence or fake good defense. Know it is not anger at you. There is nothing wrong with you. We want to be you and are glad someone in this world has the dedication and belief to make the dream a reality.

Serious Victory Bullets

  • Springfield called, they do not want a tape of the first four minutes.
  • Joe Johnson sometimes becomes a over excited kid on passes. I can just see the church league coach pushing his hands down signaling 8 year old Joe to calm down.
  • Whereas the first quarter was a bit understandable and even defensible, the second quarter post 22 point lead was just lazy. Luckily, 22 points leads give some leeway.
  • Al Horford was 0 on the +/-? Zero? In a win? I demand to see the adjusted plus/minus numbers.
  • It is not that the Wizards are that bad. Or that they don't try. It is just that they literally have no backbone. Required toughness is salt to a slug.
  • Not exactly sure how Mario's first bucket of the season was not over the back, but it was fitting. Clearly the refs have a sense of Hollywood.
  • Jamal Crawford can bank the ball harder against the backboard than anyone and hit the shot.
  • We found our solution to Earl Boykins in Jeff Teague. For the record, Teague did not guard the Nate Robinson show on New Years day.
  • Marvin Williams did his best version of Josh Smith tonight. Including, four blocks! Not including, massive complaining.
  • Actually, Marvin deserves two bullets. Without shooting lights out, Marvin has willed himself out of his early season slump. Of course the mustache is credited fully.
  • Dear Mike Bibby, thanks for sucking against the Wizards, Sincerely, us who don't want you to suck the next two games.
  • For real, this game was boring as hell. I blame no Zaza.
  • The DeShawn Stevenson is actually bad at shooting three pointers conversation between Nique and Bob was one for the ages.
  • Am I going crazy or is Jamal Crawford trying harder on defense?
  • No JaVale McGee? Good for the Hawks in my book.
  • Still very few half court plays that feed the post.
  • I listened to most of the fourth quarter on the radio and I pictured the Wizards actually helping Jamal Crawford score.

Go Hawks!