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Atlanta Hawks 102, Boston Celtics 96 or manic fandom is having a field day



From the game preview:

So I wouldn't be surprised if Boston produces a win and credits a late night text message. If it happens, I will just credit a championship resolve, and if the Hawks pull out the victory, I might have to stop doubting theirs quite so easily.

That text message by Doc Rivers that was undoubtedly going to get lots of credit from the media was surely something along the lines of "He who angers you, controls you."

Well, the Celtics got angered, and the Hawks showed the championship resolve. Without getting into what was flagrant and what was not, both teams had a lot to complain about. And the officiating was not even that bad. Just normal bad, made acute by overreacting and three technical fouls in a row.

The Hawks have seen the story before. Bad calls lead to Josh Smith pouting, Marvin disappearing, Horford wanting, and Joe ball hogging.  And coming off a blowout loss, it is absurd to call Atlanta's discipline championship effort, but if you had to choose one team that looked to have the focus tonight, it was the Hawks. And there is no denying it.

Victory Bullets

  • Joe Johnson deserves his own paragraph. Tomorrow it will come.
  • Jamal Crawford played the defense of his life in the third quarter. And I am just giving him credit for the block Ray Allen's three pointer and not the ridiculous foul that was called. Speaking of credit, most of that effort probably goes to his technical free throws. So basically I give credit to Doc.
  • Kendrick Perkins likes traveling. If he was called for his illegal screens, Perkins would have killed 14 offensive possession. 
  • If you asked me over/under Mike Bibby shots at 3.5, would have gone over. Also, would have lost my house.
  • Hat tip to you Marvin Williams. Why? You just put in 40 minutes of work.
  • Love watching Jeff Teague celebrate.
  • Players did not block shots in this game. They took the ball away like a teenager steals his own money back from a toddler. 
  • Sometimes I think Jamal Crawford is a better player when he gets fouled. Whether it is called or not.
  • Mario West 1-0. Sort of.

Go Hawks!