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Jason Collins, where the hot spot goes to die.

The Hawks signed Jason Collins. It is hard to get excited about a guy that is one one hundredth of a point away from not having a hot spot (over .500 shooting) on the entire floor and rebounds at a slightly lower rate than Spencer Hawes. But hey, at least we got the taller of the two twins.

The only way this move makes sense is for eight games a year and in those eight games, only for about a quarter and half. So basically the Hawks need Jason Collins for 12 quarters next season. That of course would be when the Hawks play the Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Collins is not going to stop Shaquille O'Neal or Dwight Howard mind you, but he might put them on the line and make them earn their points for a little while in the second quarter. And more importantly, it would keep Al Horford from entering the Mike Woodson dug hole which there is no escape, two fouls in the first half.

While I failed to find a reason to set fire works and go bar hoping over this signing, the roster spot has to be filled. I just hope Jason Collins is replacing Randolph Morris and not bolstering the bench alongside him.