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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #37

It seems a bit high. Number 37? For another website? Well, it may actually be too low. might not be a reason to be excited for a lot of people, but if you visit this blog, any Hawks blog, Micah Hart and the Hawks organization puts forth unique information and opportunity for us fans from their official site. It sounds like a suck up post, but I find myself looking up stats, scouring archives, watching videos, asking question via twitter with the Hawks more and more. They put out great stuff, and it is great because it is totally for the fans. has all your basic information. You can find out where to buy your seats, schedule, stats, and of course, an entire section on Dominique Wilkins. But the official website also has had a training camp diary from Othello Hunter, a rookie season diary from Al Horford, random pictures of Harry the Hawk being awesome. The twitter account can get you good deals on tickets (I actually won free tickets to the Blazers game last year) and updates on injuries.

Plus, there are few teams that have a national writer who puts out a weekly column for the team he has rooted for his whole life. It is good stuff.

If you come to Peachtree Hoops, it means you care about the Hawks so to have an official site that will interact with fans, cares about bloggers, and will provide great material is a great part of the season.