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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #38 Joe Johnson deep three

Joe Johnson hits this shot a surprising amount of the time. Considering he only hit 36% of his threes last year, his four of eight from half court (kind of making up that stat) is a dang good showing. Of course one of those sealed a game and another a playoff series, but what I think I like about most of them (the ones that are not beating the shot clock at least), is that they are Joe at his most "freakin," Joe with intent to kill. Because yes, Joe probably takes too many shots and the offense runs a little too much through him, and in a lot of ways, those floaters and jump shots and methodical drives to the rim all seem like a man going through the motions. That is not to say Joe is, but his game is so nonchalant or smooth depending on your point of view. It is why he is the king of the quiet 28 point game. And this style has been great for the Hawks overall, but sometimes Joe "freakin" Johnson needs to come to play. Sometimes Joe just needs to reign threes from heaven.