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Utah Flash, the Hawks D-League team taking matter into its own hands to show Hawks fans they exist.

I really want to be into the D-League. SBNation already has an incredible site for anything you would ever want to know about it. There is a lot to like. The teams play an entertaining style of game with real passion every game. Plus, I have grown fond of following the Jeremy Richardson and Othello Hunter's of the basketball world. It seems like a good fit. All I need is for the Hawks to take some kind of interest in it. Any kind of interest.

We sent Othello Hunter to play a few games last year just to take advantage of the fact that the Hawks already bought his west coast plane ticket. That was about it. Any number of players could have used D-League. I am sure they practice walking so Solomon Jones would have found it a huge benefit.

But all the Hawks have is a semi-relationship with the Utah Flash. I say semi because they have it, I just do not know if they will use it. We did not even have a summer league team. I do not feel I am asking for much. Just give me something to root for Hawks. Put Mario West down there for 20 games. Give Othello Hunter some looks outside of practice. Please.

Well, apparently, Brant Anderson, the owner of the Flash, is listening to my cries. D-league purest do not like this guy. He is apparently making a mockery of the league. That may be true and I hope it is not, but regardless, I am turning into quite the rubbernecker.

First, he offered (first via twitter) for Stephon Marbury to come play for them. Which is apparently not possible, but still kind of awesome.

Then, he put up 100,000 dollars of his own money to entice Michael Jordan and Byron Russel to play one on one. Not going to happen, but this guy is a more civilized version of Lane Kiffen. Who was talking about the Flash two months ago. Lets get him to Atlanta to market the Hawks.

And now, I just found out for a cool 150 dollars you can go try out for the Flash at Clayton State University. If I had a) 150 dollars to spend and b) felt no shame, I would be there in heart beat. I am still going to try and make it down to the gym and (if they let me in) watch. And if someone makes the team from that tryout, I am going to make it official and become a full fledged Utah Flash fan. Already looking for my first jersey.

Also, if the Utah affiliation does not work out, I am scouring the land for investors to get a team in Greenville, SC.