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Veil your face! A Zaza Pachulia mix from the gods!


First, has there ever been a mixed tape that has a free throw as one of the highlights? It did give the Hawks the lead though....7-6.

And is it me, or has Zaza miraculously become less skilled while simultaneously becoming more effective? There were two behind the back passes in that mix! And yes, I realize that it is a highlight mix and I should expect highlights. And yes, Zaza may have just lost the handle and it worked out but yes, color me impressed.

The finish with a streaking LeBron James coming strong behind him was impressive, but the music could have probably stayed above the commentators since they talk about how James was going to be embarrassed over the play. Zaza is one of the few basketball players that can embarrass a defender on a breakaway.

Every mix should have a random Al Harrington appearance should it not?

Seriously, I love Zaza Pachulia. I mean seriously. I am going to put his jersey on for the rest of the night.