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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #59 Ryan Cameron


Look at that suit! via

I am sure most fans like their PA guy. And I have not been to enough other arenas to really place Ryan Cameron on any sort of specific list. But in that ignorant bubble, I can confidently admit I love the guy. In honor of that, a brief top five list.

5. "That foul is OFFENSIVE....Caron Butler."

4. When the other team makes a three pointer, Ryan announces it as if he just received a lobotomy and then someone shot his dog.

3. J-J-J-J Joe Johnson. Simple. To the point. And shockingly effective.

2. "Don't sit down!" Best if done in a completely full house or completely empty house. Nothing like playing the Grizzlies and Cameron is screaming at 7,000 of us to go crazy.

1. Kiss Cam. The joy and passion he takes in this segment is something I have tried to incorporate in every other aspect of my life. I use this minute and half as a life coach of sorts.