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Three mid-morning links

Hoopinion alerted me to probably the best fan-post post on the internet. It meticulously goes through every Portland Trail Blazers' play. It is incredible. The Youtube videos even pause and explain what is going on. Fourtune 500 companies don't do presentations this well. If anyone wants to do this for the Hawks, just know you will only need to document three plays max. So you got that going for you which is nice. Bret astutely points out how quickly the Blazers get into their sets compared to how, shall we say, not quickly the Hawks normally do. And while most of the post shows examples of these plays being well run and therefore slightly glorifies the the Blazers as more fundamentally sound than their entire body of work might, it does go to show how good spacing and ball movement can allow for open shots for the people who are supposed to take them. And when you see it done, it is pretty dang simple.

Golden State of Mind is "blogging the association" again. Color me impressed. Naturally to kick off the series, they went with the Hawks because of what some would call alphabetical order but I will baselessly assume is an descending order of awesomeness.

Ball Don't Lie continues their highly entertaining top ten list series. So far the Hawks have only made ones you don't want them to. Today they come in at number two worst team of the decade. But don't be disheartened. Mike Woodson is the only coach who guided a team on the list still with that team. Impressive!