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Happy Birthday Peachtree Hoops!


I will be celebrating all day from my mom's basement. Feel free to join me.


Happy birthday Peachtree Hoops community! One year ago (Monday) our blogging buddy Hoopinion started this fine site and tilled the ground and put down roots in those first five months, the most difficult time of any blog. And he did so in the best possible way, with simply great writing about the Hawks.

Bret moved on but graciously let me take over and enjoy the fruits of his hard work. And I could not be more thankful for the offer. Hoopinion gave me a built in community and provided it in a place where SBNation offered more support than I knew was possible. The only problem was they expected great writing thanks to my predecessor.

Well, due to circumstances and additions that I can largely take no credit for, this community has grown into something I am pretty proud of. People come to this site looking for insight on the Hawks and the community gives it to them. Your comments, fanposts, and fanshots make this site what it is and make this birthday worth celebrating. So thank you.

Along those lines, I figured we could use this milestone as a position to look back a we prepare to move forward into a new season. I want this site to be better for us. A great blog that no one visits, where no one comments is really not a great blog. So I ask you with sincerity and purpose, what would you like to see in the coming year? More polls, essay style pieces, more guest writers, interaction with other team bloggers, interaction with other Hawks bloggers, attempting to contact people on the inside (newspaper writers, players, front office, etc.), more stats, a greater ability for fan posts to be promoted to the front page, fewer semi-funny fluff pieces, more semi-funny fluff pieces (ie 72 reasons), etc, etc? Basically, what do you like about Peachtree Hoops and what do yo want to see improved?

I say this because I want the blog to be better simply because I like the Hawks and I want to talk about the team with others. Might as well do that in the best possible way. Plain and simple.

So please, please hit up the comments. And happy birthday Peachtree Hoops. Thanks to Bret, SBNation, and especially anyone and everyone that visits this site. For reals, thank you.