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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #46 Jamal Crawford's crossover

Few things are more embarrassing than getting schooled on a dribble. Having your feelings hurt with a thunder dunk and forgetting where you placed your dignity because of a crossover are really as bad as they get. And while a dunk on someone's head may get the crowd more excited, it is only the result of a guy trying to make a play. I wish Josh Smith was dunked on more. It would mean he was challenging shots and staying in front of his man. A crossover though leaves nothing but embarrassment. There is no "see what I was trying to do was...." Because what you were trying to do was stand, and you failed.

Not everyone has the gift of breaking ankles. Jamal Crawford does. Enjoy after the jump.

You may just want to youtube search "Jamal Crawford crossover." It will almost make you forget Crawford doesn't play defense...almost.

(HT to Bronn for the idea and link.)