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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #47 Rooting against Dwyane Wade

After only one playoff game against Miami, I raised the question of whether any fan could admire/remain civil/not strongly dislike a superstar on another team during the playoffs. I have failed twice in the last two years. Part of me feels like a bad fan of the game of basketball. Part of me revels in it.

Despite the incredible show he can put on, I have grown to enjoy rooting against Dwyane Wade. I am excited to yell and brood in my seat when Miami comes to town. When "us vs. them" arises naturally in sports, why not embrace it? 

Which of course is why I love the twitter jockeying that went on today over this quote from Mo Evans.

I lifted a lot of weights to build up my endurance so I can be a lot more physical when I’m guarding guys like Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant. Those guys don’t like to be touched. They’ll see the difference and notice it when we’re out there on the floor and they can’t get their way physically.

Well, normally, quotes from the 8th man in September to the local paper are not going to cause much ruckus. But normally was pre-twitter, and someone let Wade know about this insult via the network which led to these two tweets from Wade:

Had to laugh at what I jus read via tweet. At the gym about to get it in. Some people don't kno when to keep there mouth closed lol

This is comical RT @jordub @dwadeofficial Mo Evans is bulkin up for u "...guarding guys like Dwyane Wade"

It is certainly funny. I agree. Mo Evans should probably be more worried about staying in front of Wade than man handling him with new found strength as Wade blows by him. Plus, Dwyane actually looks for contact on almost every play. He loves it....unless of course he does not get a foul call. Then, well then, he hates it and fakes injuries. 

These comments from Wade are fine and normal, but they are going to be ridiculed by Hawks fans. He is not going to try harder than he did in the playoffs unless of course he tries when he used to complain but that is unlikely to happen.

Wade is now a target for us. And we are Hawks fans. We only have like three of them. We want to dislike him, root against him. However dumb an over exuberant celebration by Mario West is or unnecessary an off-handed comment by Mo Evans happens to be, we enjoy them. Because for some reason, they get under the skin of Dwyane Wade. And we get excited to irritate.

Like a middle schooler trying to hang out with the cool kids, Deron Williams weighed in too:

@dwadeofficial if u ask me I think Mo Evans just commited suicide! I will be watching Hawks vs Heat that's 4 long games for him!

Ahhh Deron, we will be watching too, and we're excited.

(HT to JazzHop for the heads up on the twitter anger.)