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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #48 Kiss Cam

I have received between 10 and 0 emails asking why there was no #49. Closer to zero. Very close to zero.M_1eac273885c9ad10bad6dbe27ae83668_medium Pretty much zero. But no it was not a forgotten spot. That number was simply poured out in honor of DJ Cowboy who used to spin on the sidelines before they realized

1 They could sell thousands of dollars in court side seats where his turntables were.

2. Scratching has no real purpose at an NBA game.

On the the second point, I beg to differ. I miss DJ Cowboy, his beats, and his severely balding dreadlocks. Number 49 is empty in your honor sir.

Now to wrap up a week of excitement surrounding in-game entertainment, we come to the granddaddy of them all, the Rose Ball of mindless, between quarter Jumbotron fun. Kiss cam. I have gone from finding it wildly entertaining, to pretending like I am better than it, to whole heatedly basing many decisions in my life on "a what would someone on kiss cam do" mantra.

Just the mix of awkward first date, old people still loving each other, over the line touching, accidentally trying to get siblings to kiss, narrated by a perfectly persistent Ryan Cameron is tough to beat,.  Plus, each game, you get a pretty clear idea whether two NBA players are totally full of themselves or not. The kiss cam single handedly made me stop hating Manu Ginobili as a person. Not as a player but still, pretty good.

Someone needs to find out how many first kisses have happened via kiss cam. Those people are still together. They just have to be. I married the only girl I ever made kiss cam with. It is magical. Don't deny it. Embrace it.You will be a better person for it. KISS CAM!!