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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #51 the A-team dancers

The A-team dancers are a complete and total mystery to me. They are not guys that do any other in game entertainment, and they only make an appearance every four or so times a season. So do these guys try out? Where are these tryouts advertised? Do they practice? Is this something they brag about? Is there a body type the Hawks want? I could write an entire book of questions about this.

The best part is the crowd reaction though. It varies from game to game. The big finale comes. Clothes are off. And the crowd goes totally wild.....or they boo like someone just spit on a grandma. It is incredible. I wish there were exit polls to figure out the differences in these crowds. Then again, I just wrote a 100 words about a fake dance troupe that involves exactly one cheap laugh around gross nudity. So maybe I am looking a little too much into this. But seriously, these guys are totally sweet.

(HT to dstdeelite for recommending this reason.)