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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #60 buying your first jersey

There has been a lot of talk recently about jersey's. And rightfully so, they are a dream from heaven sowed together into awesomeness. I used to mock people who wore jersey's. Making lame jokes like "I can't believe it. Jerry Stackhouse is in the food court! When did he grown hair and turn white?" I hope your not laughing. Because there is nothing funny about it.

My first jersey was Stacey Augman red. Cost $9.99 on ebay. I remember putting it on and just feeling better about myself.

Some of you may already have a Hawks jersey. Don't fear. There is still reason to be excited, a very real chance exists that Joe Smith will have "Joe Smith" on his jersey. I already have a piggy bank saving up.

And for those of you that might buy your first, it is going to feel weird. Your not going to when you should where it. Whether to go tucked or untucked. Well, let me tell you. Stop worrying. Slip on your Zaza or your Joe or a Horford and let the troubles of this world leave you. And they will. You own a Hawks jersey.

So lets have it, what was/will be your first jersey?