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Strangest/Funniest moment of the Hawks 08-09 season not involving a bird

The final installment of the trilogy of posts looking back on last season. Ok so maybe they do not have enough muster to be called a trilogy. Part III? Still to much.....fine, this is section three of Hawks memory lane.

I am actually most excited about this one because we might hear stories we never knew about. Anything funny, weird, or abnormally memorable will meet the standards. Think deep. I expect some true revelations out of this one. And in case you skip the title of posts, no out of control, flying Hawk stories. I was there. It was weird. We lost.

My winner comes from the Celtics game that was hyped like a Liston/Ali fight complete with a Ludacris concert medley following the game.It was a rowdy crowd. I was genuinely nervous before hand. I even bought nose bleed seats and recruited three friends who were semi Hawk fans to come along to prove that Phillips could actually be loud. It was a complete indoctrination experience.

Well, my normal partner in Hawk crimes was not in the nose bleeds. He had to return a favor and I was booted from the season tickets. Which means this story is only second hand. But it is too good to not relay. John always sneaks into the bathroom under the club level. We know the ushers, and they turn the other way. So he walked up to the urinal to do what he needed to do and could not help but notice Hungry like a Wolf by Duran Duran was serenading the bathroom over the speaker. He also could not help but notice that Ludacris himself had sauntered up next to him. My friend paused, thinking about what to do next, and then calmly leaned over and referencing the 80s pop icon of a song said, "Sounds like a Ludicrous song huh?" Words were grumbled and in the end, Luda's bodyguard aggressively kindly  firmly asked my friend to leave the public bathroom.

In my book, anything that happens during a Hawks season that even remotely resembles a scene from Hustle & Flow is good enough for my top slot. 

Runner up:

The time Mario West missed a breakaway dunk and hung on the rim to put it back in there by garnering a technical.

Second runner up:

This kiss cam....

Third runner-up

"Heat check." -Dominique Wilkins

What is weirdest, funniest, idiosyncratic-est moment from last season? Best story will win my deepest gratitude and a champagne toast in three years when I drink champagne again.