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Garret Siler will be at camp with the Hawks

The Augusta Chronicler reports:

Garret Siler is staying close to home.

The former Augusta State All-American center announced Tuesday night his decision to attend the Atlanta Hawks' veteran camp in late September.

I love that he will be in camp, I just hope he is the fourth big instead of the third. Hopefully he will take a page out of our other semi famous camp invitee and hustle his face off.

If Othello Hunter is on the team (and I hope he is), I am not sure if their is space for two projects in the front court, but I hope at the very least Siler can come in and push the guys on the team to prepare for the season.

Well, I have my theories why Siler will be in camp, and he has his.

"I guess that Southern Siler smile just kills them."

I kind of like his.