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Atlanta Hawks schedule 09-10 in bullet points

Here is the official announcement from with some thoughts from Micah. And below are some first thoughts.

  • The first two games are at home and highly winnable. Much easier than the Orlando/Philly start from last year. Unless you are adamant about Woody being fired mid-season, the Hawks need a good start.
  • West coast trip early. Not sure it is a horrible thing. Just definitely not a good thing.
  • A 5-1 start to the season would be more impressive than the 6-0 start last year.
  • The Hawks play six games in nine days in November. Good thing most of those are at home.
  • The NBA may not think Boston/Atlanta is a rivalry, but they do like the matchup. Two more games with them on ESPN.
  • The Hawks have back to back games against Cleveland?
  • We play on Thanksgiving in the primetime slot on TNT. That is pretty huge. I can already tell this is going to cause multiple fights at my place of residence.
  • Seven nationally televised games is a huge improvement. Still a little disappointed we only made TNT once, but hard to yell and rant. I was expecting, at most, five. Seven games are the most we have had in the last 12 seasons. (Hard to yell and rant until THHB told me the Clippers have eight games.)
  • The Texas triangle(Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston) is only a Texas line! Somewhere Micah Hart is rejoicing.
  • It is called the Shampoo effect. Where you wash your hair, rinse it out, and then put a little drop of shampoo in again and your whole head lathers up right away. Jan 1st against the New York KnicksBeer Shampoo effect will be in full force. This once could get ugly with all those Knicks fans.
  • Hawks longest home stand is five games and it happens in January. If the team holds true to the last couple of years, that is the exact month the Hawks need their longest home streak.
  • The Hawks head out of the all star break on their only other west coast trip. Weird to put both trips at the two "starts" of the season. Not sure if this is good or bad. I guess I will just revise history at a later date.
  • The Hawks have one (Indiana) clearly winnable game out of their last seven at home (with games against Cleveland, San Antonio, Orlando, and the Lakers). Yikes.
  • My most anticipated game? Stephen Curry and the Hawks on ESPN Feb. 21.

What jumps out at you? What games are you excited about? How will the Hawks start?